Alligator Menu 3

Slices: A selection of Pizza Slices are available from the cabinet $5.00 – $7.00

Whole Pizza Pies: Each pizza has 8 slices, is approximately 60cm (24 inches) across & serves 4-8 people. Half & Half is an option at no extra cost. 

Cheese: Mozzarella, San Marzano Tomatoes, Herbs, Finished with Parmesan (& Fresh Basil if Available)……….. $35.00

Cheese with Regular Toppings (Pick up to 4)………..$45.00

Mushrooms †, Roasted Bell Peppers (capsicum)OlivesGarlic &/or OnionsPineappleJalapeños (Spicy)Pepperoni *, Salami *, Ham*, Bacon*, Meatballs (beef) Chicken, Anchovies

Cheese with Premium Toppings (Pick 1 & up to 3 regular toppings)………..$49.00

Buffalo Chicken (Spicy), Prosciutto*, Artichoke heartsPlant Based Cheese (Swap Cheese)

= Plant Based Option      *= May contain or be pork